How do I get a copy of an accident report?

Anyone requesting a copy of a crime report or accident report should fill out the request form and submit the request for review. Requests for information submitted will be reviewed by a Records Clerk and the requestee will be contacted to complete the request. Payment is required prior to receipt of information.

Records Request Form

Submit Records Request Form

Please note, not all information may be released per federal and state guidelines. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the incident for which the information is being requested when completing the Report Request Form (e.g., date(s), location(s), name(s) of the person(s) involved, etc.). This information will allow us to locate the requested information much more quickly. Anonymous requests will not be processed.

Additional Information and Tips

  • Crime reports will be released with City Attorney or County Attorney approval only, and the process for obtaining this approval may take extra time.
  • Please allow five to seven working days from time of the incident before requesting a report
  • Reports will be released only after receipt of payment.
  • Wyoming traffic accident reports may be released to any person or owner involved in the accident or an authorized agent


  • Accident reports - $4.00 for up to 10 pages*
  • Crime Reports - $7.00 for up to 10 pages*

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