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Evers Park



  1. Baseball Fields (optional)
  2. BBQ Grills (optional)
  3. Benches (optional)
  4. Concession Stands (optional)
  5. Drinking Fountains (optional)
  6. Garbage Receptacles (optional)
  7. Greenbelt Pathway Access (optional)
  8. Historical Interest (optional)
  9. Horseshoe Courts (optional)
  10. Parking Areas (optional)
  11. Picnic Shelters (optional)
  12. Picnic Tables (optional)
  13. Playground Equipment (optional)
  14. Portable Restrooms
  15. Restrooms - Stand Alone (optional)
  16. River Access (optional)
  17. Water Park (optional)

Evers Park is a 4 acre community and neighborhood park located at 370 South Second East. A great family gathering spot, Evers Park has a large play area and numerous recreational opportunities. The playground was completed in 2000 with modern equipment and a new splash park was recently constructed. This park also has a baseball field, horseshoe courts, a large open space for relaxation and games, and two picnic areas including a triple grill. This park has a great central location near Expedition Island.

Evers Splash Park Rules and Information

Kids RulesParents Rules
Watch for othersSupervise your children at all times!
Slow down, don't run!Make sure your children know the rules!
Don't climb on water toys!
Keep children with diarreha out of the water!
Don't push or trip!Swim diapers are required for babies and toddlers!
Don't drink the water!Change solid diapers IMMEDIATELY!
Don't take pets in the water!Take shelter when storms or lightening threaten!
Never leave with a stranger!

The water park is not attended, your children are the safest when you are here! 

Open 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily

Open Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day Weekend (Weather Permitting)

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