How does Teen Court work?
Teenagers who appear before the Municipal Court Judge may request Teen Court as an alternative if they are willing to plead guilty to their offense, and if they and their parents agree to abide by the Teen Court guidelines. Those who complete the punishment phase will have the offense removed from their record and will avoid the larger fines of the adult court system. Those who do not complete their punishment phase must return to the adult court system for assessment of punishment.

Punishment is usually a designated number of hours on work restitution, a term on Teen Court jury duty, counseling, essays, fines, and in some cases special educational courses. No jail time can be imposed.

There is a participation fee of $10 which must be paid at the time of registration for Teen Court. This fee is non-refundable.

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1. How does Teen Court work?
2. How are cases referred to Teen Court?
3. Who serves on the Teen Court jury?
4. Is there a dress code for Teen Court?
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