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The original item was published from 7/17/2018 9:35:51 AM to 7/25/2018 12:00:02 AM.

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Posted on: July 17, 2018

[ARCHIVED] Press Release for July 17, 2018

Green River Police Department press release for July 17, 2018
Incidents from 7-16-18 0600hrs to 07-17-18 0600hrs
The charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent
until and unless proven guilty.
 Chief Tom Jarvie
Incident Agency Reported Nature Incident address Clearance Code
G18070714 GRPD 06:57:52 07/16/18 Traffic Stop E FLAMING GORGE WAY & UINTA DR NFA
G18070715 GRPD 07:50:40 07/16/18 Vandalism COLORADO DR NFA
G18070716 GRPD 08:00:39 07/16/18 Traffic Stop UINTA DR & HWY 530 NFA
G18070717 GRPD 08:19:28 07/16/18 Animal Calls STEPHENS ST NFA
G18070718 GRPD 08:56:15 07/16/18 Parking Problem E 2ND S NFA
G18070719 GRPD 08:55:00 07/16/18 Parking Problem CLARK ST NFA
G18070720 GRPD 09:14:37 07/16/18 Parking Problem BRIDGER DR NFA
G18070721 GRPD 09:47:20 07/16/18 Animal Calls INDIAN HILLS DR & APACHE AVE NFA
G18070722 GRPD 09:56:59 07/16/18 Burglary SCHULTZ ST RTF
Officers met with an individual who reported property taken from their residence without permission
and later returned.  Officers completed a report regarding the incident, which is under investigation.
G18070723 GRPD 09:50:00 07/16/18 Property Watch   UNF
G18070724 GRPD 10:21:00 07/16/18 Fingerprints 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18070725 GRPD 10:25:52 07/16/18 Motorist Assist UINTA DR & E FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18070726 GRPD 10:38:30 07/16/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY STE A NFA
G18070727 GRPD 10:30:49 07/16/18 Animal Calls WILDERNESS TRL NFA
G18070728 GRPD 10:46:31 07/16/18 Hit and Run COMMERCE DR  RBM
G18070729 GRPD 11:01:15 07/16/18 Larceny N 1ST W NFA
G18070730 GRPD 10:12:38 07/16/18 Traffic Offense MM89 I 80 EB NFA
G18070731 GRPD 08:52:53 07/16/18 Escort 405 FAITH DR; HILLTOP BAPTIST CHURCH NFA
G18070732 GRPD 12:01:33 07/16/18 Welfare Check   NFA
G18070733 GRPD 12:28:18 07/16/18 VIN Inspection RIDGE CROSSING NFA
G18070734 GRPD 13:11:49 07/16/18 VIN Inspection W 3RD N NFA
G18070735 GRPD 13:41:57 07/16/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY STE A NFA
G18070736 GRPD 13:47:35 07/16/18 Property Damage 80 W FLAMING GORGE WAY RTF
Officers met with an individual, in regards to accidental damage to their vehicle. Officers completed 
a report regarding the incident. 
G18070737 GRPD 14:33:35 07/16/18 Traffic Stop LOGAN ST NFA
G18070738 GRPD 14:34:14 07/16/18 Animal Calls FIR ST NFA
G18070739 GRPD 14:46:45 07/16/18 Follow-up 392 E FLAMING GORGE WAY; GREEN RIVER IMPORTS NFA
G18070740 GRPD 14:57:29 07/16/18 Follow-up BRIDGER DR NFA
G18070741 GRPD 15:00:01 07/16/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18070742 GRPD 15:03:25 07/16/18 Domestic Violence   RTF
Officers responded to a report of a possible domestic dispute, which was determined to be a 
juvenile problem. 
G18070743 GRPD 15:26:57 07/16/18 VIN Inspection 80 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18070744 GRPD 15:37:02 07/16/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY STE A NFA
G18070745 GRPD 15:00:01 07/16/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18070746 GRPD 16:18:08 07/16/18 Traffic Stop UPLAND WAY & UINTA DR NFA
G18070747 GRPD 16:30:05 07/16/18 Abandoned Vehicle MONROE AVE NFA
G18070748 GRPD 16:45:10 07/16/18 VIN Inspection IOWA AVE NFA
G18070749 GRPD 17:33:45 07/16/18 VIN Inspection BRAMWELL ST NFA
G18070750 GRPD 17:50:00 07/16/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18070751 GRPD 19:12:48 07/16/18 Traffic Stop 1445 UINTA DR NFA
G18070752 GRPD 19:24:20 07/16/18 Traffic Stop UPLAND WAY & BUCK DR NFA
G18070753 GRPD 19:36:02 07/16/18 Traffic Stop 73 UINTA DR NFA
G18070754 GRPD 20:06:48 07/16/18 Follow-up E TETON BLVD NFA
G18070755 GRPD 20:13:47 07/16/18 Traffic Stop E FLAMING GORGE WAY & UINTA DR NFA
G18070756 GRPD 17:00:00 07/16/18 Security Check 801 N 1ST E NFA
G18070757 GRPD 21:24:44 07/16/18 911 Calls   NFA
G18070758 GRPD 21:53:12 07/16/18 Warrant 24 E FLAMING GORGE WAY; MAST LOUNGE RTF
Anthony Greene, age 24 of Green River, was arrested per an active Green River Municipal Court 
Warrant for failure to appear on an original charge of public intoxication. 
G18070759 GRPD 22:19:42 07/16/18 Missing Person   NFA
Officers responded to a report of a juvenile female who went to the store and had not returned home. 
Officers located the juvenile, who was okay and returned to her residence.
G18070760 GRPD 23:24:51 07/16/18 Citizen Assist CONESTOGA LN NFA
G18070761 GRPD 02:15:48 07/17/18 Suspicious 59 UINTA DR; maverick NFA
G18070762 GRPD 00:00:01 07/17/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18070763 GRPD 01:50:00 07/17/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18070764 GRPD 23:00:00 07/16/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18070765 GRPD 23:00:00 07/16/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18070766 GRPD 02:48:03 07/17/18 Security Check 175 SCOTTS BOTTOM RD; SCOTTS BOTTOM ARCHERY NFA
G18070767 GRPD 05:00:00 07/17/18 Security Check 801 N 1ST E NFA
Clearance Code Description of code
GOA Gone on Arrival
NFA No Further Action
OUT Out of Position
RTF Report to Follow
UNF Unfounded
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