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The original item was published from 4/10/2018 9:46:26 AM to 4/18/2018 12:00:08 AM.

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Posted on: April 10, 2018

[ARCHIVED] Press Release for April 10, 2018

Green River Police Department press release for April 10, 2018
Incidents from 4-9-2018 0600hrs to 4-10-2018 0600hrs
The charge is merely an accusation and individuals are presumed innocent
until and unless proven guilty.
Chief Tom Jarvie
Incident Agency Reported Nature Incident address Clearance Code
G18040307 GRPD 07:50:20 04/09/18 Juvenile-SRO   RTF
Officers received information regarding an altercation between two juveniles that occurred about 
two weeks prior.  Officers completed a report regarding the incident. 
G18040308 GRPD 07:51:00 04/09/18 Information BLAKE ST & S 4TH W NFA
G18040309 GRPD 08:00:00 04/09/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18040310 GRPD 08:00:00 04/09/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18040311 GRPD 08:14:39 04/09/18 VIN Inspection IDAHO ST NFA
G18040312 GRPD 08:20:08 04/09/18 Follow-up SHOSHONE AVE NFA
G18040313 GRPD 08:12:18 04/09/18 Escort 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18040314 GRPD 08:32:39 04/09/18 Traffic Offense 1055 W TETON BLVD; TRUMAN SCHOOL RTF
Officers responded to the Sweetwater County School District #2 Transportation Department, in 
reference to a report of a passing a stopped school bus violation. Officers completed a report
regarding the incident, which was forwarded to the Green River City Prosecutor for review. 
G18040315 GRPD 08:12:11 04/09/18 Animal Calls 80 E TETON BLVD NFA
G18040316 GRPD 09:00:16 04/09/18 Larceny 420 UINTA DR; WYOMING EMBROIDERY RTF
G18040317 GRPD 09:39:55 04/09/18 Follow-up HONOR WAY NFA
G18040318 GRPD 09:49:15 04/09/18 Follow-up DANIEL BOONE DR NFA
G18040319 GRPD 09:00:00 04/09/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18040320 GRPD 10:14:31 04/09/18 Juvenile   NFA
G18040321 GRPD 12:17:21 04/09/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY; GREEN RIVER PD NFA
G18040322 GRPD 12:23:43 04/09/18 Animal Calls CLARK ST RTF
Animal Control Officers received a call, in reference to outdoor shelter provided to dogs in a yard. 
Animal Control Officers contacted the owner of the dogs and addressed the concern regarding 
proper shelter and water for the dogs, while  left outside. 
G18040323 GRPD 12:07:52 04/09/18 VIN Inspection MONROE AVE  NFA
G18040324 GRPD 12:24:24 04/09/18 VIN Inspection S 4TH E NFA
G18040325 GRPD 12:53:02 04/09/18 Accidents UINTA DR & E FLAMING GORGE WAY RTF
G18040326 GRPD 13:00:01 04/09/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY STE A NFA
G18040327 GRPD 13:16:06 04/09/18 Follow-up 41 E RAILROAD AVE NFA
G18040328 GRPD 13:29:09 04/09/18 Civil Issues E FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18040329 GRPD 14:31:19 04/09/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18040330 GRPD 14:34:07 04/09/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18040331 GRPD 14:32:34 04/09/18 VIN Inspection INDIAN HILLS DR NFA
G18040332 GRPD 15:14:42 04/09/18 Animal Calls SHOSHONE AVE NFA
G18040333 GRPD 15:20:01 04/09/18 Traffic Stop MONROE AVE & ANDREWS ST NFA
G18040334 GRPD 15:45:42 04/09/18 Traffic Stop E TETON BLVD & N RIVERBEND DR NFA
G18040335 GRPD 15:48:16 04/09/18 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G18040336 GRPD 16:00:00 04/09/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18040337 GRPD 17:09:29 04/09/18 Found Property EASY ST NFA
Officers met with an individual, in reference to property left at their residence. Officers advised the
individual the issue was a civil matter. 
G18040338 GRPD 17:31:37 04/09/18 Property Damage ELK VALLEY DR NFA
G18040339 GRPD 17:00:00 04/09/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18040340 GRPD 17:40:18 04/09/18 Animal Calls SHOSHONE AVE NFA
G18040341 GRPD 17:59:27 04/09/18 EMS   UNF
G18040342 GRPD 16:00:00 04/09/18 Property Watch   NFA
G18040343 GRPD 18:42:45 04/09/18 Weapon Offense 175 SCOTTS BOTTOM RD; FMC PARK NFA
G18040344 GRPD 18:54:20 04/09/18 Field Contact UPLAND WAY & FAWN CIR RTF
Officers were flagged down by an individual who turned in found drug paraphernalia and suspected
marijuana. The items were collected and taken to the police department for future destruction.
G18040345 GRPD 19:27:21 04/09/18 Field Contact 550 UINTA DR; SKATE PARK
G18040346 GRPD 20:13:16 04/09/18 Alarm 1105 BRIDGER DR; SHOPKO NFA
G18040347 GRPD 20:23:59 04/09/18 EMS   NFA
G18040348 GRPD 20:25:49 04/09/18 Disturbance 41 E RAILROAD AVE; PONDEROSA BAR RTF
Officers responded to a report of a disturbance caused by an individual who left the property. 
Officers completed a report regarding the incident, which is under investigation. 
G18040349 GRPD 17:00:00 04/09/18 Security Check 801 N 1ST E NFA
G18040350 GRPD 21:15:41 04/09/18 Traffic Stop HITCHING POST DR & TRAIL DR NFA
G18040351 GRPD 22:41:24 04/09/18 Alarm 200 UINTA DR; family dollar NFA
G18040352 GRPD 22:51:06 04/09/18 Traffic Stop CEDAR ST & IRONWOOD ST NFA
G18040353 GRPD 23:04:19 04/09/18 EMS  
G18040354 GRPD 23:38:36 04/09/18 Traffic Stop UINTA DR & E 2ND S
G18040355 GRPD 00:17:49 04/10/18 EMS  
G18040356 GRPD 00:00:00 04/10/18 Property Watch   UNF
G18040357 GRPD 01:54:09 04/10/18 Animal Calls WILKES DR  NFA
G18040358 GRPD 02:45:53 04/10/18 EMS   NFA
G18040359 GRPD 01:00:00 04/10/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18040360 GRPD 00:00:01 04/10/18 Extra Patrol   NFA
G18040361 GRPD 05:00:00 04/10/18 Security Check 801 N 1ST E NFA
Clearance Code Description of code
GOA Gone on Arrival
NFA No Further Action
OUT Out of Position
RTF Report to Follow
UNF Unfounded
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