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The original item was published from 12/21/2017 10:33:47 AM to 12/29/2017 12:00:03 AM.

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Posted on: December 21, 2017

[ARCHIVED] Press Release for December 21, 2017

Green River Police Department press release for December 21, 2017
Incidents from 12-20-2017 0600hrs to 12-21-2017 0600hrs
The charge is merely an accusation and individuals are presumed innocent
until and unless proven guilty.
Interim Chief Tom Jarvie  
Incident Agency Reported Nature Incident address Clearance Code
G17120886 GRPD 06:21:28 12/20/17 911 Calls   NFA
G17120887 GRPD 07:15:51 12/20/17 EMS   NFA
G17120888 GRPD 07:00:00 12/20/17 Property Watch   NFA
G17120889 GRPD 07:59:15 12/20/17 Traffic Stop E TETON BLVD & MONTANA WAY NFA
G17120890 GRPD 08:06:13 12/20/17 EMS   NFA
G17120891 GRPD 08:14:13 12/20/17 Traffic Stop W TETON BLVD & COLORADO DR NFA
G17120892 GRPD 08:22:57 12/20/17 Welfare Check   RTF
Officers responded to a report of a child standing by themselves on sidewalk. Upon arrival, officer met 
 with the child and followed them to their residence. It was determined the child left the house trying 
to walk to their grandparents house and did not tell anyone. 
G17120893 GRPD 09:33:09 12/20/17 Escort   OUT
G17120894 GRPD 07:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol   UNF
G17120895 GRPD 09:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol   UNF
G17120896 GRPD 10:48:45 12/20/17 Alarm MONTANA WAY NFA
G17120897 GRPD 11:00:04 12/20/17 VIN Inspection MEDICINE BOW DR NFA
G17120898 GRPD 11:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol  
G17120899 GRPD 11:26:36 12/20/17 Accidents 1615 HITCHING POST DR; GREEN RIVER HIGH SCHOOL RBM
G17120900 GRPD 11:35:38 12/20/17 Lost Property 350 MONROE AVE RTF
School Resource Officer had a found cell phone turned in. The cell phone was taken to the police 
department as found property. 
G17120901 GRPD 11:36:51 12/20/17 Lost Property 350 MONROE AVE RTF
School Resource Officer had a found cell phone turned in. The cell phone was taken to the police 
department as found property. 
G17120902 GRPD 11:22:40 12/20/17 Animal Calls W FLAMING GORGE WAY & N 3RD W GOA
G17120903 GRPD 11:42:46 12/20/17 Abandoned Vehicle VIRGINIA CIR  NFA
G17120904 GRPD 12:17:08 12/20/17 Follow-up BUCKBOARD LN NFA
G17120905 GRPD 06:00:00 12/20/17 Property Watch   NFA
G17120906 GRPD 09:48:00 12/20/17 Property Watch   NFA
G17120907 GRPD 12:57:28 12/20/17 Follow-up UINTA DR NFA
G17120908 GRPD 12:59:33 12/20/17 Animal Calls MADISON AVE  NFA
G17120909 GRPD 13:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17120910 GRPD 13:53:02 12/20/17 REDDI   GOA
G17120911 GRPD 14:00:49 12/20/17 Drugs 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY STE A RTF
The prescription drug drop box in the police department lobby was emptied for future destruction.
G17120912 GRPD 13:55:28 12/20/17 Animal Calls 2200 E TETON BLVD; JACKSON SCHOOL NFA
G17120913 GRPD 14:35:28 12/20/17 Suicidal   GOA
G17120914 GRPD 14:00:00 12/20/17 Property Watch  
G17120915 GRPD 14:50:10 12/20/17 EMS  
G17120916 GRPD 15:08:22 12/20/17 Welfare Check   NFA
G17120917 GRPD 15:00:00 12/20/17 Property Watch  
G17120918 GRPD 15:38:06 12/20/17 Suicidal   RTF
G17120919 GRPD 15:42:23 12/20/17 Scam WINDRIVER DR  RTF
Officers responded to a report of a scam. Officers met with the reporting party who received a phone 
call from someone with a foreign accent, claiming to be a United States Marshall out of Texas. The 
caller told the reporting party a vehicle was rented in Texas using their name and there was supposedly 
blood in the vehicle. The caller told the reporting party since the vehicle was involved in a crime, they 
were going to seize the reporting party's bank accounts and credit card if they did not send $2000. The 
reporting party purchased two gift cards, contacted the caller by  phone and gave the PIN numbers to
 the caller over the phone. Officers completed a report regarding the incident, which is under investigation.
G17120920 GRPD 16:24:41 12/20/17 Fire 351 ASTLE AVE; GAME AND FISH NFA
Officers and Green River Fire Department personnel responded to a report of brush fire in the area 
of the Greenbelt Pathway behind Wyoming Game and Fish. Green River Fire Department personnel 
extinguished fire.
G17120921 GRPD 16:42:23 12/20/17 Accidents JENSEN ST NFA
Officers responded to a two vehicle collision. It was reported a vehicle was traveling southwest on 
Jensen Street, attempted to pull in front of a residence and sideswiped a parked and unoccupied 
vehicle. No injuries were reported, officers completed a report regarding the incident. 
G17120922 GRPD 17:00:35 12/20/17 Disturbance E FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G17120923 GRPD 16:55:05 12/20/17 Lost Property 599 E 4TH S; MCDONALDS - GREEN RIVER RTF
Officers met with an individual who reported they lost their wallet. The reporting party advised 
they thought some stole the wallet before their realized they lost it. Officers completed a report 
regarding the incident, which is under investigation. 
G17120924 GRPD 15:40:56 12/20/17 Warrant   RTF
A 14 year old female, was arrested per an active Fremont County Warrant for failure to appear for a 
protective custody hearing.
G17120925 GRPD 17:48:00 12/20/17 Property Watch   UNF
G17120926 GRPD 17:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17120927 GRPD 15:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17120928 GRPD 17:00:00 12/20/17 Security Check 801 N 1ST E NFA
G17120929 GRPD 17:49:03 12/20/17 Follow-up 599 E 4TH S; MCDONALDS - GREEN RIVER NFA
G17120930 GRPD 18:51:35 12/20/17 Threats/Harass   NFA
G17120931 GRPD 19:47:42 12/20/17 Property Damage FAWN CIR NFA
G17120932 GRPD 20:13:46 12/20/17 Suspicious  MADISON AVE NFA
G17120933 GRPD 21:11:57 12/20/17 Property Damage WILSON ST RTF
Officers met with an individual, who reported a tire on their vehicle was damaged by something
thrown into the roadway by another  individual. Officers contacted the involved parties and 
completed a report regarding the incident, which was forwarded to Green River City Prosecutor 
for review. 
G17120934 GRPD 19:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol  
G17120935 GRPD 21:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17120936 GRPD 23:32:02 12/20/17 Accidents RIVER VIEW DR & UINTA DR
Officers responded to a single vehicle accident. It was reported a vehicle was traveling east on 
Riverview Drive, attempted to slow down for the upcoming intersection with Uinta Drive, slid on the
icy road way and struck a raised curb damaging the front left tire and suspension components. 
No injuries were reported.
G17120937 GRPD 23:34:48 12/20/17 Disturbance WILKES DR RTF
Officers responded to a noise complaint. Officers contacted the resident, who was given a warning 
for disturbing the peace.
G17120938 GRPD 00:17:43 12/21/17 EMS  
G17120939 GRPD 00:49:53 12/21/17 Fire N 2ND E
Officers and Green River Fire Department personnel responded to a report of a rabbit enclosure in a
 backyard on fire. The Green River Fire Department extinguished the fire.
G17120940 GRPD 23:23:00 12/20/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17120941 GRPD 01:49:39 12/21/17 EMS  
G17120942 GRPD 01:23:00 12/21/17 Extra Patrol   UNF
G17120943 GRPD 03:23:00 12/21/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17120944 GRPD 22:00:00 12/20/17 Property Watch   UNF
G17120945 GRPD 01:48:00 12/21/17 Property Watch  
G17120946 GRPD 23:00:00 12/20/17 Property Watch   UNF
G17120947 GRPD 00:00:00 12/21/17 Extra Patrol  
G17120948 GRPD 04:31:59 12/21/17 Traffic Stop 1170 W FLAMING GORGE WAY; PENNYS DINER
G17120949 GRPD 04:43:15 12/21/17 Callouts 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY
G17120950 GRPD 05:00:00 12/21/17 Security Check 801 N 1ST E NFA
G17120951 GRPD 05:10:48 12/21/17 Traffic Stop E FLAMING GORGE & EAST END
G17120952 GRPD 05:45:05 12/21/17 Motorist Assist N 4TH W & W FLAMING GORGE WAY
G17120953 GRPD 05:23:00 12/21/17 Extra Patrol   UNF
Clearance Code Description of code
GOA Gone on Arrival
NFA No Further Action
OUT Out of Position
RTF Report to Follow
UNF Unfounded
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