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The original item was published from 8/24/2017 10:06:03 AM to 9/1/2017 12:00:05 AM.

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Posted on: August 24, 2017

[ARCHIVED] Press Release for August 24, 2017

Green River Police Department press release for August 24, 2017
Incidents from 8-23-2017 0600hrs to 8-24-2017 0600hrs
The charge is merely an accusation and individuals are presumed innocent
until and unless proven guilty.
Chief Chris Steffen
Incident Agency Reported Nature Incident address Clearance Code
G17080898 GRPD 07:00:00 08/23/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17080899 GRPD 08:00:00 08/23/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17080900 GRPD 08:07:01 08/23/17 Traffic Stop ANDREWS ST & MONROE AVE NFA
G17080901 GRPD 08:06:15 08/23/17 VIN Inspection E 3RD S NFA
G17080902 GRPD 09:01:26 08/23/17 Animal Calls SHOSHONE AVE & HONOR WAY NFA
G17080903 GRPD 11:26:18 08/23/17 Traffic Stop UPLAND WAY & COMMERCE DR NFA
G17080904 GRPD 11:51:46 08/23/17 Escort 50 E 2ND N NFA
G17080905 GRPD 12:01:47 08/23/17 Traffic Offense 905 BRIDGER DR GOA
G17080906 GRPD 12:11:29 08/23/17 Traffic Stop E TETON BLVD & MORAN DR NFA
G17080907 GRPD 12:26:08 08/23/17 Larceny WILSON ST RTF
Officers met with a resident who reported a lawn decoration missing from their vehicle. The 
reporting party checked the route they drove incase it fell out of their vehicle and were unable 
to locate it. Officers completed a report regarding the incident, which is under investigation. 
G17080908 GRPD 13:40:19 08/23/17 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G17080909 GRPD 13:38:04 08/23/17 Parking Problem W TETON BLVD NFA
G17080910 GRPD 14:24:19 08/23/17 Animal Calls 1400 UINTA DR NFA
G17080911 GRPD 14:26:59 08/23/17 Weapon Offense 250 MONROE AVE RTF
School Resource Officer responded to a report that a student brought a folding pocket knife
to school. Officers completed an informational report regarding the incident.
G17080912 GRPD 14:05:47 08/23/17 Disturbance 180 UINTA DR; FARMERS INSURANCE NFA
G17080913 GRPD 14:55:50 08/23/17 Fraud FOX HILLS DR RTF
Officers met with a resident who reported a fraudulent transaction on their debit card. Officers
completed a report regarding the incident.
G17080914 GRPD 15:00:00 08/23/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17080915 GRPD 15:43:51 08/23/17 Agency Assist DANIEL BOONE DR NFA
G17080916 GRPD 16:00:00 08/23/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17080917 GRPD 16:17:00 08/23/17 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G17080918 GRPD 16:17:10 08/23/17 Fingerprints 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY STE A NFA
G17080919 GRPD 16:11:50 08/23/17 Animal Calls HACKBERRY ST NFA
G17080920 GRPD 16:32:38 08/23/17 VIN Inspection 375 W FLAMING GORGE WAY NFA
G17080922 GRPD 16:56:44 08/23/17 VIN Inspection PENNSYLVANIA BLVD NFA
G17080923 GRPD 17:26:55 08/23/17 Threats/Harass   NFA
G17080924 GRPD 17:53:07 08/23/17 Suspicious 200 E TETON BLVD NFA
G17080925 GRPD 19:19:26 08/23/17 Traffic Stop E FLAMING GORGE WAY & UINTA DR NFA
G17080926 GRPD 19:52:41 08/23/17 Civil Issues S WAGONWHEEL DR NFA
G17080927 GRPD 19:51:55 08/23/17 Animal Calls HITCHING POST DR UNF
G17080928 GRPD 19:59:11 08/23/17 Animal Calls ANVIL DR RTF
Animal Control Officers received a  barking dog complaint.  Animal Control Officers contacted
the owner of the dog,  who was given a warning. 
G17080929 GRPD 20:19:32 08/23/17 Sexual Offense   NFA
G17080930 GRPD 21:00:00 08/23/17 Security Check 801 N 1ST E NFA
G17080931 GRPD 21:06:40 08/23/17 Traffic Stop HITCHING POST DR & UPLAND WAY NFA
G17080932 GRPD 21:55:12 08/23/17 Animal Calls FIR ST RTF
Officers received a barking dog complaint, officers checked the area and were unable to locate
a dog barking. 
G17080933 GRPD 23:00:00 08/23/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17080934 GRPD 00:00:00 08/24/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17080935 GRPD 00:51:52 08/24/17 Agency Assist MM91 I 80 NFA
G17080936 GRPD 01:08:16 08/24/17 Field Contact 475 S 2ND E;EXPEDITION ISLAND NFA
G17080937 GRPD 03:03:00 08/24/17 Extra Patrol   NFA
G17080938 GRPD 05:00:00 08/24/17 Security Check 801 N 1ST E NFA
Clearance Code Description of code
GOA Gone on Arrival
NFA No Further Action
OUT Out of Position
RTF Report to Follow
UNF Unfounded
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