Water & Sewer Insurance Program

Service Line Insurance

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that the City or their homeowner's insurance will bear the costs for emergency repairs to the water and sewer service lines that connect their homes to the public water and sewer mains in the street. But the reality is that in many cases you, the homeowner, are responsible. Most basic homeowner's insurance policies and municipalities do not cover repairs to or replacement of water and sewer service lines.

View the two diagrams showing where homeowner's responsibilities start and stop.



The sewer service is solely the property owner's responsibility, while the property owner's water line responsibility ends at the property line.

What can you do?

Many companies offer voluntary supplemental service line protection policies. You may consider discussing this with your home insurance provider, or you may look into an independent company that specializes in this type of coverage.

One such independent company is Service Line Warranties of America. Service Line Warranties is a legitimate company offering sewer and water service line insurance. While there are other companies that can and do provide this type of insurance, SLWA is the only service line company the City has reviewed and partnered with to share information. Their logo looks similar to this and their information and communications are typically accompanied with the City of Green River logo:

 SLWA Logo.png

Further information about Service Line Warranties of America can be found on their website.