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Green River Facilities

The City of Green River Parks and Recreation Department manages state-of-the-art indoor facilities and hundreds of acres of developed and undeveloped parkland.



  • Detailed pictures and information on all the City's facilities can be found by following this link.
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  • Reserve a Facility - You can rent any one of our Parks or Park Facilities. Just follow this link, put in your event date, the type of space you need, and click search to determine the eligibility of the space you are looking to reserve. 
  • Green River Whitewater Park and Tubing Channel - Independent of skill level and age, the Green River Whitewater Park provide an opportunity to interact with the City’s greatest natural resource at Expedition Island Park. Use of these Whitewater Park and North Channel Tubing channel is at no cost and provides an opportunity to not only get in the water but a great place for a picnic, a walk, a bike ride, or just a beautiful area to sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the Green River.

Mosquito Control

  • Mosquito Control - Consider taking these easy steps to help us with mosquito abatement.

Weed Control

  • Weed Control - Consider taking these easy steps to keep your property clear of weeds. – coming soon

Tree Control

  • Tree Control - What is our tree ordinance and what can you do about your trees. – coming soon

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For more information on our parks and facilities, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 307-872-6151.

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