Green River Arts Council

"Fostering Community Pride by Promoting Public Art and

Creativity for the Citizens of Green River"

Green River Arts Council Accomplishments, Projects, and Sculptures

Members                                                                 Term Expires

 Rebecca Patton                                                                                  10/31/2024

Suz Jasperson   12/31/2024
Bryce Castillon - Chair   02/21/2025
Judy Roderick -Treasurer   11/30/2024
Koral Salinas    10/31/2023
Tiffany Asher - Vice Chair   10/31/25
Rick Jones   03/21/2024

Noreena Gunter                                                                                      03/30/2025

Michelle Cordova                                                                                     05/15/2025

Katie Duncombe, Parks and Recreation Director                                                                                     

Debbie Hanson, City of Green River

Join us for the Annual Art on the Green Event each year. 

  • You can find all the information for the event on the Art on the Green page of our website (click here).
  • Please email Katie Duncombe or call (307) 872-0514 for more details. 

Art in Public Places featured at the Green River Recreation Center

“The Project”

The Green River Arts Council in cooperation with the Green River Recreation Center is excited to display unique and original art from local and regional artists in the Recreation Center lobby and hallways.  This project was created in hopes of promoting an artist's economy in our area and for the enjoyment of our patrons and visitors.  Artists who are interested in displaying their artwork are encouraged to submit an application. 

Purchasing a Work of Art

All artwork displayed is for sale.  The sale of these art pieces supports local artists and the mission of the Green River Arts Council.  If you would like to purchase a piece please contact Katie at 307-872-0514 or talk to the Green River Recreation Center Front Desk staff.  Artist receives 80% and 20% goes to the Green River Arts Council.

Featured Artists: 

Jeff Castagna